Company history

Ramme Electric Machines – A Success Story “Made in Germany”

Founded in 1992 by Hans-Peter Ramme, the company has developed into a well-known and innovative manufacturer of high-performance and low-maintenance electric motors and generators.

The success was based on the introduction of serial production of DC motors in 1993. Two years later, a repair department was set up at the Berßel site. Shortly before the end of the millennium – in 1999 – the company was certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 1999.

At the Osterwieck location, in modern and larger production halls, the development of highly efficient torque motors, which made the company one of their sales successes, began in 2001.

As early as 2002, the management recognized the opportunities offered by the further development of the most efficient permanent magnet technology and developed the first PM synchronous motor with a power of 1.2 MW. In 2005, this extremely powerful engine type was able to go into serial production.

The INNOVA Prize

With the development of the Ringpropeller technology, the company suggested another successful chapter in the company's history. For this purpose the company Ramme 2007

Drive technology 4.0

Today the product range of the medium-sized company from Saxony-Anhalt covers the entire product range of the drive technology (synchronous, asynchronous and direct current motors) from the installation component to the complete drive solution.

With the development of a standard series in the field of PM technology in 2016, we have succeeded in another decisive step towards serial production. In this way, we are able to supply our customers drive technology 4.0 quickly and cost-optimized.

Since 2022, more than 100 ships every year have been equipped with highly efficient drives from RAMME. In this way, we are making a significant contribution to reducing emissions in the maritime sector.