Design, engineering and production

Osterwieck is located in the innovative region Hannover – Braunschweig – Magdeburg. Our production and development staff were trained at the renowned engineering schools and universities. Their expertise and commitment are our greatest asset.
Our Development Department has a high level of competence in the calculation, interpretation and construction of electric drives. As a result, we are able to develop new products in a very short time.

Our employees find best working conditions on a production area of 4,000 m² in Osterwieck and 2,000 m² with State of the art equipment and technology. Flexible structures allow us to develop new procedures quickly and effectively and to implement in innovative products. On the basis of our production depth and long-standing cooperation with leading suppliers, we are capable of cost-effectively produce customized electric motors and generators as prototypes, in single – as well as in serial number.

We not only provide movement, we are also constantly on the move – with practice-oriented research and development, which constantly led to market – and customer-oriented products.