Permanent magnet technology

Our innovative products

Ramme Electric Machines recognized the energy-saving potential of the future-oriented permanent-magnet technology at an early stage. Electromotors equipped with permanent magnet technology achieve efficiencies of up to 98% and more. This makes them one of the most efficient drives in the energy efficiency class IE4. A decisive cost factor in the competition for market shares and shareholder values!

The reduced moment of inertia of the PM rotor (especially in the small speed range) is reflected in a lower starting energy and a further increase of energy efficiency. An important advantage especially for high-dynamic drives with constantly changing speed (lifts, presses etc.).

The very high efficiency of the motors is achieved in the full as well as in the partial load range. With the help of the latest frequency inverter technology, we are able to replace the entire range of commercial electric motors with PM technology.

Torque-driven or fast-rotating: Our drive and generator systems, powered by PM technology, are compact and highly dynamic solutions for every industry. Ramme Electric Machines specializes in the development of this highly efficient technology. Our project engineers benefit from the know-how of decades of research in this field.