PM technology

New standard series at the start

The new standard series

With the development of a standard series in permanent magnet technology, Ramme Electric Machines has made a decisive step towards serial production. In this way, we are able to deliver drive technology to our customers quickly and, above all, cost-optimized.

In August 2016 the first engine size with a package diameter of 500 mm went into production.

The modular system

We offer the speed ranges T (torque), S (speed), and H (high torque), which also include stages due to winding adjustments. Alongside these parameters, a number of add-ons are available, which enable the machine to be adapted to the specified requirements. Accordingly, features ranging from additional sensors, heating tapes, and encoders, all the way up to approvals such as ship classifications can be selected.

The motors are available in both horizontal and vertical flanged constructions. If our effective water cooling system is not required, then we can offer an air/water heat exchanger, which converts the motor package into an air-cooled drive unit. Should any questions regarding control arise, we can offer suitable inverter systems to work in harmony with our machines.

Advantages for our customers:

• Saving unnecessary and cost-intensive development costs for special engine construction
• The fastest possible delivery of the desired motor
• Quality “Made in Germany” at cost-optimized prices
• More than 99% efficiency

Further motor sizes will soon be available as high-quality high-end products. Contact us. Together we find the best and most cost-effective solution for you!