Torque motors

Low speed, high torque – torque motors are compact, highly dynamic drives with high efficiency that work as permanent-magnet synchronous motors.

Depending on their size, they are designed with a very high pole count and therefore achieve good degrees of efficiency despite low speeds. And all without reduction gearing. As a result, they are extremely low-maintenance, powerful, and much quieter than high-speed asynchronous machines.

We have specialised in the development of torque motors for many years, and can provide anything from components to complete drive solutions from 1.000Nm to 230.000Nm to meet your expectations and needs. The geometrically free design of these motors makes ist possible to integrate them perfectly into your system.

You benefit from our many years of experience in the construction of large torque motors and our guiding principle of working with you quickly and cometently to find an optimum solution for your drive task using individual components or a complete motor. We work with you to configure your motor using our internal standards.

PM synchronous motors

Installation size: flexible geometry, integration into the machine system possible
Power: 1 to 3.500 kW
Torque: up to 230.000 Nm
Speeds: accordimg to customer specification
Diameter: up to more than 2.000 mm

Special feature: water cooling, improved total efficiency, low maintenance-free, wear-free, operation with multiple inverters possible, redundancy

Example applications: machine tools, presses, reels, pumps, extruders, centrifuges