Scientific research

Initiative “river stream plus”

Already since its foundation in 2008 our company has been a member of the initiative “river stream plus” of the country Sachsen-Anhalt. The initiative is supported by the Federal Ministry of research and technology.

The aim of the cooperation with famous members from economy and science is the development and the realization of river water strength arrangements in the economically profitable area. Furthermore the research activity of the initiative guarantees the technology leadership of the country Sachsen-Anhalt in the innovation field „ecologically friendly energy“.

Water power usage looks back at a long tradition in Sachsen -Anhalt. In the year 941 the oldest German mill weir was already established in Alsleben. The first German ship mill worked on the Saale and about 1900 there was in the today's area of the country Sachsen-Anhalt more than 300 water mills. Nowadays Sachsen-Anhalt counts to the forerunners in the matter of renewable energy.